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Product Overview

  • Input for DC type LVDTs
  • 6-Digit LED Display (±199999)
  • DC LVDT Excitation Supply
  • 10 Point Linearisation for Superior Accuracy
  • Compatible with the INT2 Series
  • Environmental Protection: IP65 (when installed)
  • Options: Alarm Relays, Analogue & Digital Outputs

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Product Description

The new Intuitive4-P LVDT digital panel meter can accept a voltage or current input signal from any common LVDT displacement transducer.  It is the latest version of the intuitive2-P panel meter and has the same dimensions, front panel design and connections to make replacing your existing INT2 quick and easy.  It features a single layer menu allowing for easier setup and still maintains it’s modular modular construction, allowing its functionality to be configured according to your application requirements which keeps costs as low as possible without compromising on performance.

Thanks to the the latest 20-bit analogue-to-digital conversion technology, the Intuitive4-P guarantees superb reliability and has a 10 point linearisation for superior accuracy.

The LVDT digital panel meter’s bright 6-digit LED display can be read from up to 7 metres away and updates at speeds up to 10 time per second.  Output options include analogue voltage (±10Vdc) or current (4-20mA), 2 or 4 alarm relays and a serial data output in RS232, RS485 or Ethernet format.

The intuitive4-P LVDT digital panel meter can be provided with optional low cost SPC4: IP67 Splash-Proof Cover for immersion protection up to 1 metre or a PCC portable desktop enclosure supplied fully wired and ready to use (see gallery images).

For a low cost version try our Intuitive-Lite4-P low cost process input panel meter which still offers superior accuracy and high precision but without all the additional plug-in options.

See our full range of LVDT instrumentation.

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