Industrial LVDT Displacement Transducer AML/IE


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Product Overview

  • Stroke Ranges: ±0.5mm to ±500mm
  • AC mV/V or DC Voltage / Current Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Guided Core + Extension, Spring-Loaded & Rod-End Bearing Versions
  • Optional IP68 Submersible & 150ºC High Temperature Versions

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Product Description

The industrial LVDT series is a rugged displacement/position sensor designed for the most arduous of applications. The body diameter increases to Ø22.2mm for added strength over the standard series of LVDT’s and available stroke ranges remain, with 0-1mm being the smallest and 0-1000mm being the largest.

It is constructed from stainless steel and has a fitted 2-metre screened PVC cable* for added durability.  For IP68 versions a PUR cable is fitted and for high-temperature versions, a PTFE cable is fitted.

The industrial LVDT has an IP65 rating meaning total dust ingress and low-pressure water jet protection as standard, ideal for industrial applications.  Additionally an optional IP68 submersible protection ratings provide complete protection against water ingress in both partially and fully submerged applications.

For high-temperature measurements above +70ºC, a high-temperature version of the LVDT is offered rated to +150ºC.  This version cannot have a signal conditioner fitted internally and so it is mounted in-line on the LVDT’s cable and must be located where temperatures will not exceed +70ºC.

The industrial LVDT has a non-contact measuring principle meaning that the moving core of the LVDT is not in contact with the internal components.  This gives the industrial LVDT a very long life expectancy and high reliability, even in high-cycle applications.

For fast and simple installation, the industrial LVDT comes with a variety of configuration options including spring loaded, rod ends, guided core and extension rods.  With various cable lengths, cable exits and output options.  Use the part builder below to see what options are available for the industrial LVDT, with immediate lead time and prices!

The AML/IE series industrial LVDT is available with AC mv/V or DC/DC output signals. DC/DC is the most commonly used, as the signal conditioner is built into the LVDT body giving a self-contained sensor.  Outputs available are +/-2.5Vdc, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc and 4-20mA, all are in 3-wire format. If a shorter-bodied LVDT is required a compact in-line DC in/DC out signal conditioner is available (see gallery image above) which can provide a 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA output signal.

We can supply instrumentation and digital indicators for your industrial LVDT.  The intuitive4 digital indicator is a 6 digit LED display which has a 10-point linearisation for outstanding accuracy and modular setup so you only pay for the features that you need.  Our intuitive4 ‘lite’ version is a low-cost option with the same superior accuracy but with no additional options. 

For industrial environments, we can offer the SPC4 splash-proof cover which gives the indicator an IP67 protection rating against total dust ingress immersion protection.  See our full range of LVDT instrumentation.

Stroke Measurement Range:±0.5, ±2.5, ±5, ±10, ±12.5, ±15, ±25, ±50, ±75, ±100, ±125, ±150, ±175, ±200, ±250
±300, ±400, ±500, ±550 (maximum stroke is ±125 for Sprung Loaded Core & Extension)
Signal Output:See Table Below0-5volt0-10volt4-20mA±2.5volt
No. of Wires643334
Supply Voltage (unregulated):2 to 5Vrms @ 1 to 5kHz10-24Vdc14-24Vdc14-24Vdc12Vdc regulated
Supply Current:-35mA @ 15V35mA @ 15V35mA typ.35mA @ 12V
Max. Loop Resistance:---300 @ 30V-ohms
Max. Output Sink Current:-0.51-0.1milliamps
Non-Linearity:<0.50±% Stroke Range
Repeatability:<0.10±% Stroke Range
Output Bandwidth (flat):100Hz
Output Ripple:-30mV max.30mV max.0.1% @
30mV max.
Operating Temperature Range:AML/IE & IEJ: -30 to +85 Standard / -30 to +150 and +200 Optional
-20 to +85 on DC/DC models / 0 to +70 for in-line conditioner (where fitted)
Zero Temperature Coefficient:<0.020<0.010±%Stroke Range/°C
Span Temperature Coefficient:<0.020<0.030±%Stroke Range/°C
Vibration Resistance:20g up to 2kHz
Shock Resistance:1000g for 10milliseconds
Construction Materials:Body & Extension Rod: 303 St/Steel, Core: 416 St/Steel, Cable Gland: Nickel-Plated Brass,
Spring: 316 St/Steel, Rod-End Bearings: Mild Steel (St/Steel on IP68 version)
Connecting Cable:2 metre screened PVC cable* (*IP68 = PUR / Hi-Temp = PTFE).
Environmental Sealing:IP65 (IP68 optional)
Note: On DC output version (0Vdc / 4mA) is given with the core in the extended / outwards position. This can be reversed if required, please request
Option Y on your order.

Read how this industrial LVDT displacement transducer accurately monitored fabric deflection in this universal fabric tension tester case study.

Our industrial displacement transducer is available in 3 different mechanical configurations:

  • Guided Core & Extension Rod (G) - Suited to applications where attachment to the measuring point is required, but the measuring point cannot support the weight of the core and extension, or where it cannot provide ideal axial guidance.
  • Rod-End Bearings (with Guided Core) (R) - Ideal for cylinder measurement applications and situations where fixing the sensor at either end is preferred to clamping the LVDT body.
  • Spring Loaded Core & Extension Rod with Ball-Tip (±125mm max range) (S) - Suited to applications where the piece to be measured can’t always be in contact with the LVDT plunger, or where physical attachment of the LVDT plunger to the test piece is not possible.

As with all our LVDT type position sensors, the sensing principle is contactless which makes it an extremely robust, long-lived sensor. We can also provide customisation to suit your application so please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities in your particular application.

See our full range of LVDT sensors.

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