LVDT Installation Tips

Installation tips for your LVDTs best performance

Here are a few LVDT installation tips to ensure that you get the maximum performance and longevity from your LVDT or Displacement Sensor.

  • Ensure axial alignment of the LVDT’s probe with plane of movement to be measured.
    This will ensure that you don’t risk bending the LVDT’s extension rod.
  • Monitoring LVDT output during installation.
    Reading the LVDT signal in conjunction with the supplied calibration certificate will ensure that it is positioned to work over the linear, calibrated part of its measuring range, guaranteeing best possible performance.
  • Secure clamping of LVDT body tube.
    This will ensure that you get accurate and repeatable readings from your LVDT displacement sensor.  Be sure to avoid excessive clamping force as this can damage the LVDT and affect accuracy by deforming the body tube.
  • Orientation in wet environments.
    Ideally the LVDT should be positioned slightly nose-down.  If this isn’t possible purchase one with an extension rod wiper fitted as this will minimise the ingress of water and dirt into body tube.