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Product Overview

  • Fits ALL Intuitive4 & Intuitive2 Indicators
  • Portable for Easy On-Site Monitoring
  • Fused IEC Power Input
  • Supply Fully-Wired and Ready to use
  • Robust Construction
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Our portable desktop enclosures are specifically designed for ALL our intuitive series of digital indicators.  The portable enclosures fit both the intuitive2 and intuitive4 series for greater compatibility and easy switch over to the new updated intuitive4 versions of digital indicators.

These flexible portable desktop enclosures come with a wide range of setups from 1 panel meter up to 12 panel meters.  Custom designed setups for additional panel meters are available making them ideal for multiple-sensor industrial process monitoring applications.

All cases are fitted with a fused IEC mains input and a single sensor connection per indicator as standard, while reset buttons, lights, alarm sounders, rotary selection switches and integral battery power/backup are just some of the options that can be added to suit your specific requirements.

See our superior accuracy intuitive4 series of digital indicators that are compatible with the PCC portable desktop enclosure.

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