Long Life, Low Cost, Versatile LVDT Displacement Transducers

low cost lvdt huge variety

4 weeks and you can have an LVDT that’s made specifically for you!

Reasons to Buy:

  • Long Operating Life
  • Versatile, Fully Configurable
  • Miniature, Standard and Industrial Versions
  • Various Stroke Ranges
  • Low Cost
  • Various Output Options Available
  • Wide Choice of Mechanical Configurations
  • Expert Technical Assistance
  • Accelerated Delivery Options
  • Proven Technology

Long Operating Life = Fantastic Value for Money

Our low cost LVDT displacement transducers consist of 2 parts: 1 static and 1 moving. The static part is the transducer body tube which contains a primary coil centred between two secondary coils. The moving part is the ‘core’, a short rod of magnetically permeable material which is mechanically coupled to the moveable object being measured via an extension rod. There is NO physical contact between the core and the coils which means far less wear on components, thus giving the LVDT a hugely extended operating life compared with potentiometer-based transducers. Their low cost and long life makes them ideal for price sensitive OEM applications, as well as research, industrial and other general purpose applications. To read more about how an LVDT works, please see our reference article.

Versatile and Flexible

Let us do the hard work for you. Our LVDT displacement transducers are designed to be HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE to suit your specific application and industry. The majority of our LVDTs are sold with industry-standard DC output signal including 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc and ±2.5Vdc. AC mV/V is also available if you already have your own LVDT signal conditioner. We can provide stroke ranges from ±0.25mm on our miniature AML/M LVDT displacement transducers, up to ±500mm on our standard LVDT and industrial LVDT ranges. We can also give you a wide range of mechanical configurations to suit; core only, core plus extension, spring-loaded, rod-end bearings, spherical ball-tip fittings.

Seawater and Harsh Environments

Our industrial AML/IE LVDT displacement sensors are sealed to IP65 as standard for humid, wet, dusty or dirty conditions. If you need to use it underwater, we can increase the IP rating to IP68 for fully-submerged applications with operating depths of up to 50 metres – greater depth can be catered for on request. For seawater and other harsh environments we can supply alternative case and extension rod materials such as stainless steel and PTFE cables giving you a highly corrosion-resistant displacement transducer.

Miniature vs Industrial

If size is the issue, try our AML/M miniature LVDT displacement transducers. IP40 protection rated as standard, these smaller units can be installed where other larger models cannot fit. These can also be tailored with a wide range of outputs and mechanical configurations to make an LVDT that’s unique to you.

All of this with a delivery time of just 4 weeks! We can also offer accelerated delivery in some instances if your requirement is urgent. Contact us now to start configuring your LVDT displacement transducer on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email us at info@appmeas.co.uk.