Fast Setup and High Accuracy – New INT4 Series of Digital Panel Meters

The New Improved High Accuracy Intuitive4 Digital Panel Meters

Fantastic New Features:

il4-p low cost lvdt indicator process input

Faster and Easier Setup

The new INT4 series of digital panel meters has combined the old ‘easy’ and ‘advanced’ menus of the INT2 versions and simplified them into 1 menu.  It is now a lot simpler to use as all the options are easier to find.

Setting up the INT4 is fast as the number of user decisions have also been reduced.

Compatible with the Existing INT2 Series

To save you costly time consuming delays, the INT4 series of digital panel meters match entirely with the old INT2 series.

They have the same front panel design, dimensions, connections and interchangeable INT2 option boards for fast and easy installation into your existing system.

10 Point Linearisation for Improved Accuracy

Thanks to the INT4 series of digital panel meter’s 10 point linearisation, enhanced accuracy is guaranteed as transducer-related measurement errors are reduced and performance of the overall measuring system is improved.

The 10-point linearisation is fully user configurable and straightforward to implement allowing any sensor to be optimised.  The graph opposite shows the potential improvements.

Higher Stability

Signal filtering adjustment is possible with the new INT4 series of digital panel meters, which reduce the effect of noise or instability of the input signal.  The intuitive INT4 load and process meters also include an active filter which helps to eliminate the effects of vibration and other external sources of system noise.

Scale and Offset Adjustment

Fine adjustments to the scale and offset can be made even after the digital meter has been calibrated, without affecting the original calibration itself.  The scale adjustment gives you the option of switching to different engineering units if required after the unit has been calibrated.  Or, if your weighing assembly changes after the meter was originally calibrated, the offset adjustment allows you to add or subtract the effect of any extra weight.  All of this can be done without having to send the meter back for re-calibration, saving you costly downtime.

Coming soon – The IL4 Lite Range!

We haven’t stopped there!  The IL4 Lite range of digital panel meters are also being improved.  The IL4 Lite range will be ideal if you want a simple to use, high precision display with no additional configuration options.

Not only will they be fully compatible with the INT4 series, featuring the same front panel design, dimensions and connections, they will also come with 10 point linearisation for improved accuracy.  There will be more filtering and logic inputs than before and offer the same scale and offset fine tuning that senior INT4 versions have.

So if you need a high precision display but with no plug-in options, the IL4 lite versions will definitely fit the bill (and reduce yours!).

How quickly can I get one?

Order from us now and you can have the INT4 series of digital panel meters within 1 week of ordering.  Contact a member of our technical sales team today.