Low Cost LVDT Panel Meter for DC Output LVDTs | Tracker 211


This product has been discontinued.

Please use our Low Cost LVDT Indicator | Process Input | Intuitive-Lite4-P instead.

Product Overview

  • Input for DC type LVDTs
  • 4-Digit LED Display (-1999 to +9999)
  • DC LVDT Excitation Supply
  • Options: Alarm Relays, Analogue Outputs

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Product Description

The Tracker 211 low cost LVDT panel meter is ideal if you need to display the reading from your DC output LVDT on a budget.  It features a bright red LED display and provides a 24Vdc supply to power your LVDT.  It is also straightforward to calibrate, ensuring that your measuring system will be up and running quickly.

As standard the Tracker 211 LVDT panel meter is supplied with one alarm relay, with the option of two additional alarm relays if required. A 4-20mA analogue output is also available as an option.  The LVDT panel meter requires a 1/8 DIN size panel cutout and 110mm mounting depth and is available with or without front panel push buttons.

For a high precision low cost lvdt panel meter try our new Intuitive-Lite4-P high accuracy panel meter with 10 point linearisation process.

Associated Products

This instrumentation is suitable for use with the following sensors/accessories: