Handheld Indicator for Strain Gauge Displacement Sensors | TR150

TR150 Handheld Indicator for Strain Gauge LVDT
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Handheld Indicator for Strain Gauge Displacement Sensors | TR150 Dimensions


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Product Overview

  • Input for Strain Gauge Sensors
  • 7-Digit LED Display (±9999999)
  • 2 Ranges / Engineering Units
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Optional RS232 Serial Data Outputs
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Product Description

The TR150 is a high resolution, digital handheld indicator designed to work with all types of strain gauge transducer including our high performance AML/SGD strain gauge displacement sensor.  The TR150 features a 7-digit LCD display capable of providing micron or even sub-micron resolution alongside peak & trough capture at up to 25Hz, display hold / freeze and shunt calibration.  A version with RS232 serial data output is also available if you need to stream data to a PC or data acquisition system for recording or monitoring purposes.

The handheld indicator’s has dual-range capability which allows for calibration in two sets of engineering units, mm and inches for instance.  Alternatively, it is possible to calibrate two separate sensors with a single display so that you can cover a broader range of measurements without compromising on accuracy.  The handheld indicator’s enclosure is IP65 rated and more than tough enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of regular use.   Powered is conveniently supplied by 2x ‘AA’ batteries that provide up to 450 hours of operation when working in low power mode.

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